Small World Still too Big for Us.

One of the defining characteristics of the modern world is how it has made possible for people to connect to each other and to experience the world in a global rather than local scale. This of course works in an efficient but also illusionary fashion. Even with the almost magical (so to speak) possibilities for travel and exploration most of us are usually so tied up in making a living that we don't have (or give ourselves) the chance to experience and enjoy new places and cultures. I have always believed that learning a new language can be the perfect gateway to discovering the places that stay hidden in plain sight for those always too busy to pay attention.

Where do I come from?

I work on internationalization services and and I greatly enjoy the ups and downs of dealing with different cultures. Recently, we had been looking for a translation service Chicago apparently didn't fit the bill, or rather the bill was a bit too expensive for the corporate heads at my company. After several months of tracking down even the most obscure offices in search of an affordable corporate translation service it was decided that we would hire an off-shore company to do the work for us. After all that back and forth I made sure I would be in charge of making the final decision since I just wasn't willing to waste more months of my work life with a fruitless pursuit.

Karmic Retribution

As you see, my line of work is not always like lying in a bed of roses. That particular incident had a very good side to it, however. Work, as usual, had me zooming through the air to rendevouz with our foreign partners (a spanish translation company of some renown) and I was to meet the liason in Nicaragua. What a shock! Being the biggest country in Central America I was ashamed of myself for missing out on Nicaragua for so long. Staying at Granada I got a chance to enjoy a city full of character while I took advantage of the warm climate and the gentle breeze. Traveling has always been a borderline obsession for me and there is hardly something that I enjoy more than discovering a new and beautiful place. When headquarters suggested that it would be good if I could stay for a few months until the project was underway, I answered with a very enthusiastic 'yes!'.

Nicaragua is not just a trip for your eyes. It can also be a trip for your mind, as I found out a few weeks later. Nowadays there are numerous learning institutions where you can feast yourself with the Spanish tongue, and learn a new language in a beautiful and interesting setting. Forget about the chic learning trips in London or trendy institutes in New York and pick a location where the experience has an added value that those cities can't offer. If you're lucky enough like me, you can even find someone to pay you while you enjoy the experience.




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