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Situation in Nicaragua

Some prospective students have requested information about the current political
and social situation of Nicaragua, particularly regarding water
and electricity supply.

From Ave Nicaraguita´s point of view, water and electrical conditions at hotels
and restaurants in Nicaragua, particularly in Granada where we are located,
remains at very good quality. Some business owners have invested in buying alternative electricity generators and in other solutions.

We do acknowledge that there are problems with water supply shortages and
electricity. People here know how to deal with this situation and there is plenty
of purified water that is served at tourist places and can be bought from stores.
These problems are not new, and most Nicaraguans have lived with them all their lives.

It is true that these shortages are very burdensome for a lot of poorer Nicaraguans, including many of us who work at the school, but we acknowledge
also that these problems are not uncommon in other developing countries
where the poorer are the most affected. It is sad, it is unjust, but we are
working hard to promote development and find solutions to our own problems.

You can consult online forum discussions, such as or At these sites,
some foreigners, already living in Nicaragua, provide useful comments on political and social events. Please check what other students have said at Scroll down to check
comments on Ave Nicaraguita Spanish School

Prospective students interested in studying Spanish in other Nicaraguan cities,
in addition to Granada, should check any of the schools listed on website:
Spanish Schools in Nicaragua
Notice that most of the schools listed there are independent ones.
we highly appreciate the valuable work they carry out.

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Participation of students in the activities of other organizations is not required
by our program and is by the mutual agreement of those participating.
"Ave Nicaragüita, Tu Escuela de Español" has no responsibility for activities
outside of our organization.

Ave Nicaraguita understands that students coming to Nicaragua have made a free decision to do so. We advice students to respect Nicaraguan law and have common sense while interacting with locals. Ave Nicaraguita is not responsible for damage to properties or to individuals while visiting Nicaragua.

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Visas and documents

AVE Nicaraguita has no responsability for students who do not obtain mandatory
documents to enter Nicaragua. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain
such documents.

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To enter Nicaragua

Every visitor must have a passport valid for at least the next six months.
Citizens of countries with which Nicaragua has a libre visado agreement may stay
for up to 90 days with only a tourist visa purchased upon entry at the airport or bonder. These countries include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The UK and the USA. Citizens of Australia, Canada and Zealand do not need visas either but are permitted only a 30 day stay. Visitors from all of these countries are issued a tourist card for US$5 upon arrival. Stay can be extended while in the country.

According to the Nicaragua Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website, citizens of
the following countries need to obtain a visa before coming to Nicaragua:

Albania, Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cameroon, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq,
Lebanon, Libya, Liberia, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Mali, Mozambique,
Palestine, Pakistan, Peru, Popular Republic of China, Popular Republic of Korea,
Romania, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Syria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ukraine, Vietnam,
Yemen, Yugoslavia
(for more information check Spanish text only).

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Managua Airport Transfers

Our Managua Airport Transfer to Granada Nicaragua. This is the best shuttle service in Town from the Managua International Airport to Granada.

Hostal Accommodation

Our Hostal Amigos in Granada Nicaraguais located only two blocks away from Central Park. Private rooms and dormitory beds at our hostel are equipped with fans and WiFi access.

Alliance Francaise

Courses for children and adults are sturctured according to the Common European Framework. The Alliance offers multiple courses for each CEF levels.

School Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse in Granada Nicaraguaoffers three meals a day and shared rooms separately for women and men. Dormitory beds are equipped with fans and WiFi

Nicaragua Tours

Our Nicaragua tours are convenient ways to get in touch with nature and local people.

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