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1. Expanded Spanish: our Feature Program*

2. Spanish Lessons only*

3. First "Recorrido" program: Tour Nicaragua and learn Spanish

4. Ave Nicaraguita Volunteering Program

5. Homestay, its policy and accommodation by your own means


*Students´ learning needs will be assessed during the first class by both oral and written evaluations and by student self-assessment. Before classes begin, students and Ave Nicaraguita will be expected to sign an agreement in which both parties agree on expectations, rights and obligations.
This will include; type of study program, lodging, other activities and
their respective costs.


1. Expanded Spanish:
An all-inclusive language program package:

Expanded Spanish is an immersion and super intensive Spanish language program in Nicaragua consisting of 2 weeks -one of 35 hours and another of 25 hours- of theoretical and practical lessons combined. Classes take place both at the colonial city of Granada and in Mombacho, at an impressive eco-tourist farm surrounded by outstanding views of a lake and an active volcano.

Our package includes:
• Individual conversational and practical
Spanish lessons
• Tours of rural and urban communities
• Opportunities to discuss and learn about
Nicaragua's history and politics
• Cross-country excursions
• Several accommodation options including
family homestay, hostel and hotel

Granada is a colonial town with a lot of history and life. There is a lot to see here and many friendly people who will be willing to speak with you. Lessons at Ave Nicaraguita Spanish School are taught in a colonial house located from Convento San Francisco 2 1/2 blocks towards the Lake on El Arsenal st.

Spanish Language Course Plan:
Intensive 35 hours/week of directed activities, plus the opportunity to participate in cultural events or community work. When lodging with local families or our partner hotel, we guarantee that you will increase your chances to practice the language and get a deeper taste of our culture.

Morning session: 4 hours of personal instruction

Afternoon: 3 hours of real life language practice during excursions to points of interest such as museums, or during participation in any of our social programs or volunteer work.

The Eco-tourist center “Nicaragua Libre” is an organic model farm where different types of practical lessons take place. This farm is located a short 3 km highway drive north of the city of Granada. It is a rural community with a cool climate, surrounded by trees and great views of an active volcano and a crater lake. There is a lot take out to see and do.

Spanish Language Study Plan
At the farm, lessons focus more on simple vocabulary related to organic farming and production processes in Nicaragua. Tours of the farm and surrounding areas are organized by a local guide and farm workers.

Topics practiced in the country and farm areas:
coffee growing plantation and processing, fruit wines, raising and caring of animals traditional cuisine and cooking lessons, history and archeology.

One week at each location
First week: Granada, learning focused on the city lifestyle
Second week: Nicaragua Libre, hands on learning and introduction to the rural life


(Code: Expanded Spanish - City & Farm: 35 - 25 hours per week – two weeks)


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2. Spanish Lessons Only
----(5 - 20 hours per week)

Spanish Lessons Only
Ave Nicaraguita offers quality immersion in the Spanish language for a very economic budget. Enjoy Spanish lessons that are dynamic, easy, effective and fun. Take Spanish lessons in Granada and while here, enjoy the history and architecture of the city. Do not miss a class at the lake and see the numerous islands.

Concentrate on your studies as much as you wish, dedicating the number
of hours you want or focusing on the topic of your choice. Ave Nicaraguita
will provide you with a flexible work schedule to better meet your Learning
needs. Students working in Granada -and nearby- or visiting Nicaragua for
a few days or weeks can benefit from our weekly structured programs.

For example, students can choose to study one hour per day,
two hours per day, and so on, in the morning or in the afternoon,
or over the weekend.

Register for 5, 10, 15 or 20-hours per week program of Spanish lessons only,
with flexibility in days and timetable. The instructor works with 2 to 3 students
only, but Individual tutoring is available.

(Code: Spanish lessons from 5 to 20 hours per week).

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3. First “Recorrido” program:
Tour Nicaragua and learn Spanish
----(20 - 30 hours per week – 4 weeks minimum)

“Recorrido” Program: Tour Nicaragua while learning Spanish.
Visit 4 different places in Nicaragua from the Northern mountains to Southern
beaches, or vice versa.
We welcome everyone interested in an immersion program that includes
a number of visits and discoveries. With this program, you will stay
one week at a new place and will practice Spanish in various contexts.

After your theoretical lessons, your teacher takes you into practice in
the community to master Spanish. discover new places, learn about the history,
the local cultures and the social organization, the geography of the central mountain-ridges of Nicaragua, active volcanoes, caverns, crater lakes, lake islands (archipelagos) and ocean beaches.
In this recorrido the altitude and the weather changes from cool and
nice to quite warm and you will meet generous people willing to share their everyday life.
It is a great outdoor experience to systemetally learn a language and learn about
a country. Recorridos are set up to be developed like these:
Granada - Mombacho - San Juan del Sur - Managua
. Or
Granada - Mombacho - Juigalpa, Chontales - Managua.
First orientation session is held in Granada.

(Code: 20 or 30 hours per week – four weeks minimum - First recorrido: Sunday,
1 July 2007.)

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4. Ave Nicaraguita volunteer Program:
----Sharing a friendly & handy time with our people

Volunteer Program
Exchange knowledge and expertise in communities and projects in Granada
and in Masatepe. Ave Nicaraguita provides volunteers with the possibility of
observing and participating in the everyday survival tasks of our local
communities. Exchange knowledge and expertise by practicing in communities
and projects in Granada and in Masatepe. Volunteers are granted a 10-hour per week program of Spanish lessons.

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5. Homestay and transportation

For students / volunteers, their loved-ones and friends
Ave Nicaraguita offers:

- Homestay accommodation and hotel referral

- Airport and private transportation services
(Managua - Granada - Masaya -Juigalpa)

- Free tourist information and a great desire to help

Check transportation prices here!


Homestay and its policy

The school guesthouse provides a comfortable stay and the staff is now trained to participate in fastering your language learning process. The staff will share with you cooking and dance lessons, at no cost. It is a great deal for some learners. You will have your privacy, your own space and your own schedule.

Staying with a Nicaraguan family for an entire week with 3 meals
per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is another option!
The student can choose between living with a family (which is highly recommended for those seeking a faster learning process) or commercial accommodations in a hotel. Notice that some families have rules regarding companions and evening schedules.

Living with a family

Ave Nicaragüita "Your School of Spanish in Nicaragua" has an agreement
with each family that participates in the program regarding conditions
of accommodation and living together with students.

The cost of family accommodation is per week.

Home stay is available with any of our programs.

The student will be provided a booth or closet with a lock to guard
personal objects and will be given keys to the house and room.

There may be a different or higher cost if you choose to stay in a house
where a family can provide you with a room with a private bathroom
and/or air conditioning.

We require payment for the accommodation to be paid before
the first session of classes.

If the student is not satisfied with the chosen family the student must notify
the program coordinator as soon as possible; We have agreed that
the student may make up to two family changes in the first week without
incurring any administrative cost.

Any additional changes will be $5 each.


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Study Abroad options

Experience the Joy of learning Spanish

Learn French in an Amazing Way


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Managua Airport Transfers

Our Managua Airport Transfer to Granada Nicaragua. This is the best shuttle service in Town from the Managua International Airport to Granada.

Hostal Accommodation

Our Hostal Amigos in Granada Nicaraguais located only two blocks away from Central Park. Private rooms and dormitory beds at our hostel are equipped with fans and WiFi access.

Alliance Francaise

Courses for children and adults are sturctured according to the Common European Framework. The Alliance offers multiple courses for each CEF levels.

School Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse in Granada Nicaraguaoffers three meals a day and shared rooms separately for women and men. Dormitory beds are equipped with fans and WiFi

Nicaragua Tours

Our Nicaragua tours are convenient ways to get in touch with nature and local people.

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